Pilot Seasoning Company
has just what you need to spice up your profits. We’ve developed and implemented programs for the in-store preparation of ready-to-cook foods geared to please consumers today. We have successfully carried out these programs in our own  supermarket, as well as thousands of supermarkets around the country. In addition to our existing programs, we can work with you to develop the special products and individualized programs that best meet your store’s needs.


Original blends of fine herbs and spices are the foundation of our unique line of seasonings, stuffings, breadings, and gourmet mixes. Combined with meats, poultry, or seafood, then packaged for the case, these fresh products promote increased sales, build loyal customers, and provide significantly greater profits.

To support our marketing concepts and products, there are colorful point-of-purchase signs, product labels, and more. We’ll provide everything you need to effectively promote Your Very Own Value Added Products.

For further information please call us at 1-800-245-1757 or email us at sales@pilotseasoning.com

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